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                                       PANTHER PRIDE!

2 months ago


800 8TH AVE. PO Box 4820, FRISCO, CO 80443, P: 970-368-1500

Lunch and Recess 

              K-2 Recess 12:10-12:30
              K-2 Lunch 12:30-12:55
              3-5 Lunch 12:10-12:30
              3-5 Recess 12:30-12:55

InfoSnap Registration

Please remember to complete your online registration. Contact the office if you need assistance. 970-368-1500 

                        School Hours

                                                               Monday 8:45-3:05
                                                         Tuesday-Friday 8:45-3:55

District Master Plan

about 1 year ago

The Board of Education and key leaders in the District have been looking working on a new master plan that addresses short term and long term needs of facilities in the District.

Click here to see presentation schedule, link to the presentation and

Click here for building specific information.