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Todd Kirkendall

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About Principal Kirkendall

Summit School District (SSD) is proud to hire Todd Kirkendall as the Principal for Frisco Elementary School.

“As a caring and passionate member of our community, I am honored and excited to join the great work at Frisco Elementary and to serve our learning community as Principal,” commented Todd Kirkendall.

“In collaboration with our amazing staff, I am committed to building upon the foundations of excellence to make Frisco Elementary the best place for our students, staff, district, and community.”

With twenty years of experience in education, Kirkendall has an extensive background as an educator, coach, school building leader, program lead, and administrator. Kirkendall is joining Frisco Elementary from his role serving as Program Lead and Administrator of New Opportunity Programs in Academy School District, located in Colorado Springs. Through effective communications and promoting a collaborative environment, Kirkendall creatively worked with staff and district administrators to grow learning opportunities for at-risk learners by over 100% while leveraging resources and community partners to meet the needs of students. 

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Western Michigan University and went on to earn a Master’s in Education from the University of Illinois in 2004.

SSD wants to extend gratitude to all of the Frisco Elementary staff, students, families, and community for partnering with the District in an inclusive and collaborative hiring process starting with a leadership attribute input survey, as well as a stakeholder interview team and a Virtual Candidate Meet & Greet. Thank you for joining us in this important process and providing your insight.