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over 4 years ago

The mission of our gifted programming is to provide identified students with rigorous, engaging and challenging educational opportunities which are responsive to their individual strengths and needs so that they will achieve academic and personal growth commensurate with their abilities.

Programming Overview
Gifted education programming includes a range and variety of options to address student needs. Programming is adaptable to the resources within our district and may be delivered within the student's regular classroom, in classrooms at other schools and/or in special classes. Programming is linked to identified student strengths, with options and strategies matched to the identified academic and affective needs of students. Programming options for gifted students fall in the four categories shown below. Each identifies programming strategies that may be used to meet students' needs.


Curriculum Compacting
Credit by Exam
Dual Enrollment

Affective Guidance
College Planning
Direct Instruction
Structured Materials
Self-directed learning

Differentiated Instruction

Advanced Curriculum
Faster pacing
Menu of Options
Flexible Grouping
Cluster grouping

Higher Order Thinking
Problem-Based Learning
Extended Enrichment
Conceptual Instruction



over 4 years ago

How Do I Know if My Child is Gifted?
Gifted students are those children and youth whose abilities, talents and potential for accomplishments are so outstanding that they require special provisions to meet their educational needs, both in academic and social/emotional realms. Gifted students have abilities and/or talents that lie well outside the norms of the typical learner and, therefore, require significant modifications to the pacing, depth and complexity of curriculum and instruction. (Colorado Department of Education) Many gifted students are also high achievers; however, many are not. High achievers are not always gifted students. Here’s just a few characteristics of high achievers, gifted learners and creative thinkers.


High Achiever

Gifted Learner

Creative Thinker

Works hard to achieve

Knows without working hard

Plays with ideas and concepts

Is attentive

Is selectively mentally engaged

Daydreams; may seem off task

Learns with ease

Already Knows

Questions: What if?...

Is accurate and complete

Is original and continually developing

Is original and continually developing

Is highly alert and observant

Anticipates and relates observations

Is intuitive