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                                       PANTHER PRIDE!

Frisco Elementary

800 8TH AVE. PO Box 4820, FRISCO, CO 80443, P: 970-368-1500

Principal Laura Rupert

School Hours 

              Monday 8:45-3:55
              Tuesday 8:45 - 3:55
              Wednesday - Remote Learning
              Thursday 8:45 - 3:55
              Friday 8:45 - 3:55

What if my child gets sick? When can they return to school? What happens to the rest of the class? When will the school be closed? HERE and in Spanish  (Visual HERE)
Symptom Tracker Links:

Parent Resources 

Community Liaison Gabriela Marquez

Video One- Personal Introduction (English):

Video Two- Personal Introduccion (Spanish):

Seesaw For Parents

Video Seven- Seesaw (Spanish)

Video Eight Seesaw (English)

Zoom for Parents

Video Nine Zoom (Spanish)

School Year Calendar

              2020-2021 School Year Calendar

New Student Enrollment

Interested in joining us a Frisco Elementary? See the Enrollment/Registration page on the District website.

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